Ioannis Karathomas

Here is a few things about me.
I'm hard working awesome fuel pumping machine , Currently I'm the Lead environment artist at Darkside Games Studios. I'm  Technical , efficient and expert to all the latest Cg programs and master of the dark arts .
My previous Employer was  Zenimax online Studios and there I  worked as an environment and character artist developing the new next gen mmo The Elder Scrolls online.
I was also fortunate enough to work at Blizzard Entertainment for the developing of Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft. Working in those games I gain experience of both in game modeling and hi-res cinematic.
I have eye for detail and I know the value of time and  production and I'm always trying to create the best work possible.
Ialso enjoy teaching  cg and zbrush and creating tutorials to educate the young minds.  
I have taught classes at Ryans Kingslein,UARTSY, Zbrush Workshops, Games Arts Institute
And when I get the chance I do live workshops and presentations to many different countries.
On my personal time I like sculpting toys and miniatures cast them and print them . I found that area really exciting and help me expand my artistic skills and know edge.
My work has been feature in magazines and I have publish technical art books.